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The Millenial V1

The Millenial V1

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The Millenial V1 is an original design patented and sold exclusively by Thykskynn.  

The Level 3A Vest has some unique features you will not see anywhere else.  The “Half zipper” design not only makes the vest easier to put on and off but it allows the wearer at relaxed moments to receive cool air directly to the chest.

The half zipper design has a removable zipper panel that when open can protect the chest and when closed gives double layer extra protection.

Another feature that the Millennial V1 provides is the “Patrol Light Bar.”

All Security and Officers understand that being SEEN is sometimes the most important part of protecting the innocent PUBLIC.  That’s why Thykskynn has provided a lighting system which is battery operated by two double A batteries and sewn intricately into the vest.

Even though the MV1 is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, we assure you it is a very durable, comfortable and functional.

thought every vest is tested before shipped,

If there are any problems after purchasing the MV1, please contact us at the email shown, so the problem can be fixed immediately.


The Millennial V1 comes in 3 different combinations.

Blue vest/ white light

Black vest/ Blue light

Black vest/ white light

Grey vest/ Neon light

For any orders over 8 Units please contact us directly at 

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