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Millennial V-Tac

Millennial V-Tac

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The Millennial V-Tac is a fully Bulletproof vest!

The MV-Tac comes complete with front and rear Level 3A panels.  That are custom cut to fit whatever size is ordered.  Ensuring the absolute best fit and also the most coverage.  The panels will stop up to a 44. Magnum and also is slash proof.  

This vest is also very comfortable and lite weight.

The MV-Tac is perfect for visibility during the later hours of the day.

Visibility is not only a safety feature, allowing your officers to be seen by the public and each other but it’s also a huge crime deterrent.

The power source for the Patrol light bars is located in the front radio pouch on the vest.  The batteries have approximately 100 hours of working time at full power before needing to be replaced.

The vest and lights are water resistant and will not malfunction when exposed to different conditions.


The Millennial V-Tac is an original THYK SKYNN patented design.

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